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Tetra PlantaMin - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,5l

55,00 €

Tootekood: 493
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva

Tetra PlantaMin - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,5l Vedel rauasisaldusega akvaariumiväetis Tetra PlantaMin is a monthly intensive iron fertilizer. Thanks to the special depot formula of, the nutrients contained in Tetra PlantaMin stay available for plants over a period of 4 weeks. Iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements provide a lush and healthy plant growth. this is how Tetra PlantaMin works: + Strengthens plants by guaranteeing a long-term effective nutrient supply + Prevents sustained yellow, glassy leaves + Promotes the formation of chlorophyll, thus ensuring rich green leaves + Prevents iron and potassium deficiencies + Vigorous plant growth is the best algae prevention + For the absorption of nutrients through the leaves + No water pollution as free of phosphate and nitrate + For all freshwater aquariums + For intense red and green leaf coloration + Dosage: add 5ml per 20 litres of aquarium water every month.

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