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Skimmer Eheim skimmarine 600 (3552220)

398,00 €

The EHEIM skimmarine 600 - a high-performance skimmer combined with innovative technology and optimum skimming regulation.


The EHEIM skimmarine 600 is ideal for larger marine water aquariums. It works according to the countercurrent principle and is therefore very efficient. The special needle wheel pump produces an extremely fine-bubble/ air-water mixture. The formation of foam or flotate is correspondingly high and the ceramic axle ensures particularly smooth running and a very long service life.

For optimum skimming, you can adjust and control the air intake, the water level in the reaction chamber and the positioning in the filter sump.


Tootekood: 7007
EAN: 4011708009222
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva

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