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Tetra Planta Start - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,12kap

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Tetra Planta Start - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,12kap

For a healthy plant growth many different nutrient components are necessary. Tetra PlantaStart contains all essential nutrients for safe adhesion after planting and replanting. A valuable plant hormone enhances the growth of the plants and activates the root cultivation. Tetra PlantaStart protects mucous membrane of sensitive roots and invigorates the power of resistance by macro nutrients. PlantaStart fertilizes directly via the roots and guarantees an immediate and maximum effect at every pH level. No pollution of water.

1 tablet Tetra Planta Start per 50 litres of water. Insert the tablet in the area of planting directly in the gravel. We recommend repeating the fertilization twice at intervals of 3-4 weeks. Sufficient for 600 l of water.

Tetra PlantaStart replaces the product ZMF Dynoplant.

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