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Tetra Crypto - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,10tabl

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Tetra Crypto - akvaariumitaimede kasvu soodustav vahend,10tabl

Tetra Crypto is a complete root fertiliser for lush, healthy aquatic plants. The plants absorb the nutrients through their roots. Tetra Crypto containing iron, manganese and other important trace elements in a complex bound form. The fertiliser substances are therefore available to the plants for a long time. The Tetra Crypto tablets are adapted to the special requirements of the aquarium substrate, thereby supporting the work of the important substrate organisms. Tetra Crypto is free of nitrate and phosphates, therefore no contamination of the water. Prevents unnecessary growth of algae. Suitable for all freshwater aquariums. Dosage Tetra Crypto: Add monthly one tablet on 40 litres of aquarium water. Break tablet and press in the substrate surrounding the root zone. + 10 Tablets for 400 litres of aquarium water + 30 Tablets for 1200 litres of aquarium water.

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