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Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil - 4l

24,00 €

Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil - Shrimp Soil

  • Reduces carbonate hardness, 
  • Reduces the pH and stabilises it at a slightly acidic level (approx. pH 6.0-6.5).
  • Also ideal for tropical fish and plants
  • Black colour
  • Suitable for under gravel filter
  • Promotes growth – bacteria, single-cell organisms, single-cell algae and other microorganisms - as valuable, natural nutrition, especially for young shrimps.
  • Pre-cleanes, no need to wash.

ShrimpKing Active Soil has been developed especially for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimps. It is particularly suited to all species that like soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimps, such as the popular Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bees and Shadow Shrimp.

Diameter: 1-4mm

High quality – Made in Japan


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