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Aquario Neo Reliever L - 17 mm

11,57 €

Tootekood: 1001
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva

Neo reliever consists of a body and two wings. 

Since the degree of insertion of the blades can be adjusted, the intensity of the water flow can be adjusted. 

In addition, since it can rotate 360 degrees, it is very free to change the direction of the water current.

1) Perfect water flow intensity control

In the case of the glass outlet, free adjustment of the water flow intensity is not possible.

The water flow intensity is reduced even if the body is not equipped with a wing, since the water flow is distributed widely to both sides. 

However, if you equip the wings, the effect becomes more dramatic. 

In particular, the less the blade is inserted into the body, the weaker the water flow.

2) Free direction adjustment of water flow is possible

In the case of the glass outlet, free adjustment of the water flow direction is not possible.

It is possible to freely adjust the direction of the water flow by rotating the body 360 degrees and adjusting the insertion depth of the blade. 

In particular, if only one wing is used, the water flow direction can be set in a specific direction.

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