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Aquaforest Protect Dip 50ml

26,00 €

A disinfecting solution for corals
Aquaforest AF prophylactic dip perfect formula for introducing new corals into the tank and for quarantine. The bathing process ensures healthy appearance, growth and development of corals. Thoroughly cleanses the surface of coral without iodine or oxidizing compounds greatly reducing the risk of diseases like STN or RTN, bleaching, mycosis, or Brown Jelly Syndrome. 





Tootekood: 2076
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva
Shake before use. In an isolated container dissolve 2.5 ml AF Protect Dip in 5 litres of water taken directly from the aquaiurm. Immerse the coral in the prepared solution and gently clean its surface by rinsing with water or using a toothbrush. The bath should take up to 5 minutes. To rinse, transfer the coral into a container filled with clean tank water. Transfer the cleaned coral back into the tank. Once used, the solution may not be reused.

Do not pour the solution into the aquarium. Use only out of the tank. Not suitable for human consumption.

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