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Akvaariumi komplekt Aquael Leddy 75 D&N 75x35x40cm 105L, valge

171,00 €

Akvaariumi komplekt Aquael Leddy 75 D&N 75x35x40cm 105L, valge Akvaariumi komplekt koos filtri, soojenduse ,kaane ja valgustusega. UUDIS – valgustus PÄEV ja ÖÖ


Tootekood: 399
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva

Aquael LEDDY 75 Aquarium - Day & Night LED A high quality kit aquarium complete with plastic hood, Day and Night LED lighting, heater and powerful internal filter. The black plastic hood features a unique 'SMART OPEN' opening system for easy access to carry out maintenance of the aquarium, along with a wide feeding flap for unobstructed access.

At the back of the hood there are also special grooves so cut outs can easily be achieved for the installation of an external filter system if this is required at a later date. However the filter which is supplied with the aquarium is a high quality, powerful ASAP 700 internal filter for crystal clear filtered aquarium water. The inbuilt LEDDY Day and Night LED lighting system emits a strong light whose spectrum is similar to sunlight, so it replicates the natural colours of plants and fish.

The operating life of the light module is approx 50,000 hours!! Meaning it should last between 8 to 10 years! With Sunny LED mode which is 6500k for the daylight lighting, then a Sunny/Blue mode for sunrise and sunset and then an ultra cool Moonlight mode for night viewing! As with all aquariums from all manufacturers, we highly recommend installing your glass aquarium on a purpose built aquarium stand or cabinet the same size or larger than the footprint of the aquarium, if you do not install on a purpose built aquarium stand or cabinet, this will void your warranty (same with all glass tank manufacturers)

At a glance Dimensions (L x W x D) : 75 x 35 x 40 cm Volume : 105 Litres Lighting : Day and Night LED Filter : ASAP Internal Filter Heater : 100 watt

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