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Green Aqua akvaarium - 064 l, 60x30x36 cm, 6 mm

111,40 €

The special Green Aqua glass aquariums are made with the most advanced 21st century engineering. All our aquariums are subject to a rigurous Green Aqua Quality Control. The ADA (Aqua Design Amano) is using this same technology for most aquariums. The glass fishtanks are all made of top quality glass, without any braces, and they come with beautifully polished edges. Thus view is unobstructed in your Nature Aquarium. The beautiful underwater world therefore is only separated by a thin layer of clear glass from the viewer.

Our engineers use a top quality extra strong and durable transparent silicone. This is applied at minimal amounts required by the high safety standards of our glass products.

  • Size: 60x30x36 cm (width-depth-height).
  • Volume: 64 liters
  • Glass-type: normal
  • Glass thickness: 6 mm


Tootekood: 2047
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva
Aquariums are packed with high care. Upon receiving the product, please inspect its condition as soon as possible. If the packaging has external damage, fill out a damage report with the Courier and send us photos of both the outside damages and the damage of the product itself.

Warranty is not valid for scratches, cracks or other external damages to the environment during use. Always use a foam mat below the aquarium, cabinets often have uneven surface.

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