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AquaRio Neo Co2 diffuser

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Aquario NEO acrylic CO2 diffuser

Neo diffuser for co2 generates smaller bubbles than them from other glass diffusers. Micro holes make it produce smaller bubbles compare to them of glass diffusers and not easily polluted for this reason. Neo diffuser is made of transparent acryl, which is not easily broken differently from glass diffusers when separating from the aquarium and cleaning. Simple design is well matched with not only a big aquarium but also a mini.

  • Soak it in water for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.
  • When bubble goes bigger, put it in ADA Superge and wash with water several times removing all the Superge inside before use.

Available sizes:
Small - 12mm diameter - for 10-60 liters
Medium - 17mm diameter - for 60-120 liters
Large - 23mm diameter - for 120-240 liters

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