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Akvaarium AQUAEL PEARL HIGH 40, ovaal (panoraam), 32l

120,00 €

Tootekood: 395
Tarneaeg: 1-7 päeva
Akvaarium AQUAEL PEARL HIGH 40, ovaal (panoraam), 32l Tootja:Aqua El (Poola) Kõrgus(сm):40 Pikkus (сm):40 Laius (cm):25 Maht (l): 32l Lamp (W):6 W Valgustus:LED PEARL HIGH – pearl among the sets! An aquarium is not only a home for fish, shrimps, and plants, but also (and perhaps, first and foremost) a decoration. Therefore, aquarium accessories must be both functional and stylish, so that they are in harmony with modern interiors. The new AQUAEL PEARL HIGH sets are completely different. Most available aquarium sets are not very tall. The 40 cm wide model is not 25 cm but 40 cm tall, and the 60 cm width model – 50 cm tall (instead of the standard 30 cm). This modification means that PEARL HIGH sets offer exceptional decorative value to all types of interiors. Making the tank taller has also increased its capacity. The PEARL HIGH 60 flat set is 90l. This means it can hold more fish that a classic 60cm set.

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