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TetraTec HT 75 Akvaariumi soojendaja

19,95 €

Артикул: 087
Время доставки: 1-7 päeva

Võimas akvaariumisoojendi Tetratec HT 75 spetsiaalse temperatuuriregulaatoriga akvaariumisse 60-100L

Temperature-setting button to preselect the desired water temperature within the range of 19°C to 31°C at 0.5°C intervals

Water-tight cap, i.e. fully immersible

Control light for the heating phase

Electronic switch for ultimate reliability and safety

Extra thick (2 mm) heat- and shock-resistant borosilicate glass tube

Twin ceramic heating element to ensure uniform heat dissipation through the glass

Securely attached by two adhesive suckers

Long mains lead (1.6 m) for simple installation in the aquarium

Easy to read, ensuring user-friendly temperature setting

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